An average job of 150 feet will take about 4 hours to complete.
No. There is no heavy equipment used in the extruding process and our curbing machine is compact and will not cause any damage to your property, lawn or landscaping beds.
Our operators will need access to a water hose hookup. You will need to have any and all subterranean objects marked. We are not responsible for contacting the utility company or identifying objects such as invisible fences, cable lines, or sprinkler systems.
While no deep digging is involved, for most installations we do remove grass and foliage down to the bare dirt in order to provide a level curbing surface. In some cases, such as driveway liner installation, this removal may go a bit deeper (up to 4 inches) so that the liner is even with the driveway.
The curbing will last many years with proper care or maintenance.
Each job is estimated based on the amount of footage being installed, choice of design style (some are more complex than others), and ease of installation. It is necessary to obtain an estimate for your individual property. We provide FREE on-site estimates.
Ensuring our team members are certified gives us a leading edge against the competition as our team is qualified for more jobs, and we produce the best work again and again, earning a solid reputation.

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